Planning Topics

Land Use and Growth Management

Consisting of existing land use, identifying non-conforming land uses, and proposing future land use and growth areas.

Community Assessment

Consisting of population trends and projections; housing data; employment sectors; and natural, historical, social and cultural resources.


Consisting the current transportation system, noting gaps in the network, and proposing future extension of roads or highways as per the new land use plan. This will include guidance related to road suitability for development.

Rural Housing and Unincorporated Villages

Consisting of County Assessor data to assess the number, age, and type of housing available. This will include a review of feasibility of alternative and emerging trends in housing demand and development.

Natural and Agricultural Environment

Consisting of maps of agricultural and natural resources to help focus new development in the most appropriate locations.

Recreation, Parks, and Trails

Consisting of prepare an existing and future park and trail maps and analyses including service areas analysis.

Economy and Agriculture

Consisting of trail-affiliated development, commercial and industrial development and educational opportunities. Agriculture enhancement and diversification will be a key study area including review of market opportunities and programs for enhancing and diversifying agriculture uses. These may be related to:

  1. Farmland preservation
  2. Farmland consolidation by corporations
  3. Incentives for small scale and integrated operations
  4. Diversification of agricultural practices and products (e.g. agri-tourism, value-added agriculture, etc.)
  5. Alternatives to current farming practices within landowner/operator autonomy
  6. Environmentally sustainable operations related to soil erosion and water quality