What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Jasper County Comprehensive Plan sets forth a vision for the future of the county in 20 years. The plan includes goals and implementation strategies to achieve this vision. The Comprehensive Plan will be compliant with Iowa’s Smart Planning Principles and local comprehensive planning guidelines (Iowa State Code Chapter 18B) to ensure that the plan balances economic, environmental, and social sustainability issues and is legally defensible.

Upon adoption, the comprehensive plan establishes the basis for specific regulations, including the zoning ordinance, and other programs that implement the plan’s vision. Iowa State Code Chapter 335 describes the County’s zoning authority and the relationship between the Comprehensive Plan and zoning code.

Planning Process

Snyder & Associates utilized Jasper County’s greatest resources: its residents, community stakeholders, and businesses to define a vision for the community that promotes a high quality of life, and builds upon the County’s unique history and character. To create the Comprehensive Plan, we worked with the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee (CPRC) appointed by the Jasper County Board of Supervisors. The CPRC is comprised of key County staff, local stakeholders and community leaders, with representation from the cities and villages throughout the County. Members represent different areas of interest and expertise. Our team acted as facilitators guiding the process toward a community-designed plan. The resulting document presents a vision of the future with up to a 20-year planning timeline. County Leaders can use it as a guide for decision-making in their daily work. A robust public engagement process has the potential to reach all constituencies among County residents and businesses. 

Reference Plans